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No cover yet to show you, but be prepared for the new Kate DiCamillo book, THE MAGICIAN'S ELEPHANT coming from Candlewick Press in September. The lovely ladies (hi, Sharon and Jenny) at Candlewick sent me an "exclusive first look" and swore me to secrecy until now. It was soooooo hard to keep it a secret as I wanted to blog about the book as I was reading it. Here are the notes I made a month ago:
rhythm: the language sings; rhythms shift with mood
This book demands to be read aloud: I read parts of it to Scout!
Humor is present to poke at the self-inflated figures who are in control of others.
Repetition is used so effectively to emphasize, yes, but also to embed something in the reader's mind.
Names are essential

About the book:

Here is the story of a boy named Peter. Peter is being trained to be a soldier like his father was. However, Peter does not aspire to be a solider. Instead, Peter's desire is to know the whereabouts of his sister. After his parents died, Peter's sister disappeared. Vila Lutz, his guardian, has told Peter that his sister is dead. However, a fortune teller informs Peter that his sister is alive and to find her, he must follow the elephant. Trouble is, there is no elephant in the town where Peter lives. Until, one evening a magician conjures an elephant who falls through the roof of the opera house and lands on Madame LaVaughn whose legs are crushed.

Intriguing, yes? And we are only on page 13. So much more will happen to Peter as he seeks his lost sister. Kate DiCamillo offers readers another wildy original and vibrant adventure. Order your copy NOW!

ETA: Here is the cover!

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