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If this is Tuesday what am I doing at the office?

We have an accreditation team visiting today and tomorrow so they asked for some volunteers to be on campus in case any of the team wanted to talk to the peons (that would be me). I volunteered. So, with some time on my hands, I thought I would post some more on the picture book windfall from the last couple of boxes.

Along the lines of ARE YOU MY MOTHER? is this very western story of a young boy who receives a saddle for his birthday. He asks each thing he encounters the same question: ARE YOU A HORSE? (Scholastic, 2009). What I enjoyed was the language play. The cactus bristles; the crab is crabby. Fun with words and bold illustrations with skewed perspectives.

Papa Bear and his two sons are making soup for dinner. But Papa makes soup a bit differently than Mama does. That worries his sons, but the Surprise Soup is deliciously different. (Viking, 2009)

I am a huge fan of Rachel Isadora's retellings/reillustating of traditional stories. HANSEL AND GRETEL follows the rather standard story line. It is the collage work in the illustrations that sets it apart from the other variants, IMHO. They are lush and vibrant and so much more. (Putnam, 2009)
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