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23 March 2009 @ 03:41 pm
it's picture book Monday  
Still have two more boxes to unpack, but those will wait for tomorrow. Here are some of the new and lovely picture books I managed to read this afternoon.

LITTLE ANT, BIG THINKER (North South, 2009) features an ant who wants to know where the ocean begins. With the help of a bear, a tree, and a fish, ant's question in answered. However, do remember that ant is a BIG THINKER so there are more questions in store.

Bear has a problem and no one in town will listen long enough to hear what it is. Instead, he is offered all sorts of other things including a hat and a pair of wings. This cumulative story has a clever twist. (North South, 2009)

In some ways reminiscent of HARLEM by Walter Dean Myers, EL BARRIO tells of a young bo7y's exuberancw as he walks the streets of his neighborhood. A quinceanera and all its attendant festivity is included. (Holt, 2009)

And finally, a picture book from Neil Gaiman must be somehow set apart from the norm, right? You bet!

BLUEBERRY GIRL (HarperCollins, 2009) is a lovely rhythmic verse for a new child. All sorts of wishes are made for the blueberry girl including clearness of sight, good dogs, and stories. Not for a child but for the mother-to-be, these are wishes I would make for the resident of the back bedroom in the years to come.
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