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22 March 2009 @ 05:33 pm
lucky strikes again  

Lucky is poised on the edge of eleven in this sequel to THE HIGHER POWER OF LUCKY. Though Brigitte is now officially her mother, there are still some other doubts nagging at Lucky. And then she meets Paloma, the niece of one of the "ologists" visiting Hard Pan, and things begin to fall into place. Lucky needs a friend, especially one her own age and gender. But just having a new friend is not enough, Lucky soon discovers. There is more to turning 11 than she originally thought.

LUCKY BREAKS (Atheneum, 2009) is a worthy successor to the first book. It is difficult, I imagine, to face the blank page when writing about characters so well loved by many readers. Will Sam be there? What about Lincoln and Miles? Rest assured, dear readers, that Susan Patron has handled the continuation of Lucky's story with humor and aplomb. And there is a third book to come! Squee! Seriously, the writing is top notch (I love Lucky and her various glands that produce emotions rather than hormones) and the visit to old friends both comfortable and enlightening. And that awful word (you know the one from the first book that set off a firestorm of controversy?) does not appear until page 44 and then again more than 100 pages later. I loved being with Lucky and her friends and family in Hard Pan on a beautiful spring day. I fell into the story and enjoyed every moment of it.
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