professornana (professornana) wrote,

Friday Five: Books, that is

Poems about the forest and its inhabitants is the theme for A WHIFF OF PINE, A HINT OF SKUNK by Deborah Ruddell (Atheneum, 2009). Some poems are humorous and some are more serious in their observations of life in the woods.

Speaking of woods...

THE MAN WHO LIVED IN A HOLLOW TREE is a tall tale about, well, a man who lives in a hollow tree. Harlan Burch was a carver. One day he came across a tree that was hollow. He thought it looked like a good place to live and so he moved in, lock stock and barrel. After his move in, he delighted in the discovery that he was somehow shedding his old skin and growing new, smoother skin. He grew new teeth. His reverse aging allowed him to find a wife and raise a family. Great illustrations also feature quilt squares. An appendix explains the significance of each. (Atheneum, 2009)
Tags: picture books
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