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some new picture books

Doug Florian's poetry collections are always a treat, and this book is no exception. DINOTHESAURUS contains poems about all sorts of saurs from the largest to the smallest and in between. Some will be familiar such as T-rex and stegosaur. Others may be lesser known. The poems are quintessential Florian: short, rhythmic, with inventive rhymes. (Athrneum, 2009)

What separates WHAT CATS ARE MADE OF from the rest of the books about the best pets in the world is the design, most notably the artwork rendered in all sorts of interesting objects. Pieces of felt, a child's toy, cables, circuit boards, slippers and skeleton keys are just a few of the found objects that comprise the illustrations of various breeds of cats. Cat facts are fascinating and unusual. Did you know cats can jump 5 times the length of their tails? (Atheneum, 2009)
Tags: picture books

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