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home again and time to read

After running out to get some groceries, we have been enjoying being home with the kitties again. Scout has been glued to someone's side for the duration. He missed us and appears not to have done too much damage in our absence. The lovely yellow chair, however, is his. All you have to do is look at the outside of the arms to see all the fun he has been having pulling threads. Oh well...

Read the forthcoming Gary Paulsen (Wendy Lamb Books, May 2009) called MUDSHARK. Mudshark, aka Lyle Williams, is cool. He also solves problems for other people and keeps track of his triplet baby sisters (Tara, Cara, Sara). Mudshark's skills are needed at school where the faculty bathroom needs treatment from people in Hazmat suits, where a class gerbil is missing and causing chaos, and where all the erasers have disappeared. Short chapters, tons of great funny scenes, and one of the coolest main characters ever to grace a tween novel combine with a story that features the school library and its unhinged librarian. MUDSHARK is vintage Paulsen. No cover to show you, unfortunately, but look for this one.
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