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some pics from California and from Scout

As we walked along the pier at Seal Beach yesterday, we encountered this lovely seagull who seemed to have been hired to pose for the tourists. He sat calmly as folks approached to snap his picture.

One of the things I hope might save some of the furniture while we are away is a neat invention for kitties called LICKKITTY. It is basically a salt lick for cats. It is a plastic disk with a mound of hard (and apparently yummy) "food" that cats lick. It has a cover (useless for us as Scout figured out how to remove the top immediately and not only takes it off but hides the top so we cannot replace it). I affixed two of them to the Kleenex box so he could snack at will.

I need to go online and order more before they disappear from the market.
Tags: cats, seagulls
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