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the more things change...

Remy is not sure what the future will bring. Most of his friends cannot wait to leave Dwyer, a tiny town in West Virginia, one that has seen better times. But Remy has grown up in Dwyer, living on a road named for his family. Even the mountain on which his home sits belongs to his family. Remy feels some strong ties to Dwyer and Walker Mountain. But Lisa, Remy's long time girlfriend, is heading off to college and wants Remy to go with her. At first, Remy agrees. Then he runs into Dana. Funny how things can change in a heartbeat.

Fellow LJer, Melissa Wyatt's forthcoming book, THE MORE THINGS CHANGE (FSG, May 2009) provides readers with a memorable reading experience in a couple of ways. First, the setting, the land and mountains of Appalachia, are unforgettable. More importantly, the main character's ties to the land and the mountains of his home, are strong. And Remy draws his strength from his home, strength he will need to face the changes in his life.
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