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Picture books on a Thursday?

Thankfully, office day was Thursday this week which gave me a chance to take care of all sorts of work at the house in my jammies. However, I did not want to leave the office today without posting about a couple of the new picture books that arrived in my absence.

I love pop-up books (did a presentation on their history as part of my doctoral studies even) and have a nice collection. Today, I add this one that looks at inventions around the home, a room at a time. Each double page spread features a different room from the living room to the garage to the bathroom. Inside each room are dozens of flaps and other movable pieces that detail information about various inventions. From the toilet, to the record player, to pillows and grills, there is much here to ponder. (Candlewick, 2009)

Last week I posted about the new Chris Raschka version of PETER AND THE WOLF. Now, here is Lemony Snicket himself getting into the swing of things with this humorous detective story about a dead composer (who is DECOMPOSING, by the way) and which instrument might have been the murderer. Or was it the conductor? Complete with a CD with the story narrated by Hadler and a symphony playing on the chief suspects, this is a book more for older readers than an intro to the orchestra. Lots of word play which we have come to expect from the word-meister himself. (HarperCollins, 2009)
Tags: musical instruments, picture books, pop ups
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