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if the witness lied

Jack Fountain and his sisters and younger brother have seen more sorrow than most kids their age. Mom died shortly after giving birth to Tris, the baby of the family. Her decision to forego chemotherapy in order to carry Tris to term made her the center of a media controversy. Then, not 2 years later, Dad was killed in a freak accident apparently caused when young Tris accidentally released the parking brake in the driveway causing the car to roll over his father. Jack has spent most of his life since his father's death being part of the Tris protection team, those who want to keep the child out of the media spotlight. Now, however, Jack's Aunt Cheryl has promised full access to a reality program, a chance for them to cast a bright light onto the Fountain children. As Jack scurries to keep Tris safe, he uncovers something the Fountain children were never supposed to know.

As she proved so ably in other books, Caroline Cooney knows how to ratchet up the suspense for the reader. Her latest offering, IF THE WITNESS LIED (RandomHouse, May 2009), is sure to please her legion of fans and gain her some new ones as well. This totally absorbing read is one that you will not want to put down until you turn the last page and assure yourself that all will be well with this family.
Tags: cooney, mystery, ya books
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