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02 March 2009 @ 02:24 pm
almost forgot  
Listened to this on the way to the RGV this weekend.

Full Cast Audio's production of Gail Carson Levine's FAIREST is enchanting. It would be so simple for this novel and its audio production to slip into a Disney-esque story. Full Cast Audio avoids that pitfall nicely and brings to life the story of Aza, she of the lilting voice, who goes to see the royal wedding and ends up as a lady in waiting to the new queen who discovers Aza's ability to throw her voice. Aza will sing for the queen in a kingdom where a beautiful voice means more than a lovely face. It is at the castle that Aza falls in love with Prince Ijori. Of course, the prince does not know of Aza's secret ability and when she is found out, there will be a rpice to pay. Having a full cast for this audio means that all the voices are simply perfect. I particularly loved the voices of the cook and one of the gnomes in addition to Aza's lovely singing voice. I do not think I can drive any more without a good audio to travel along with me. This one proved excellent company, to be exact.
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