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cat-ching up

Got Scout and Rocky both curled up near me for heat, sleeping peacefully though Rocky is hacked off that Scout is in her place on the bed. Time to cat-ch up with what I have been reading and listening to over the weekend.

Read this.

The year is 1972 and Sabine and her family are Indians living in Uganda. The leader of Uganda, Idi Amin, declares that all non-Africans in Uganda must leave the country within 90 days. At first, Sabine and her family think they will not be included in this mandate. After all, Sabine was born in Uganda; her family are all citizens. However, when the soldiers and police begin to take actions against the Indian population, Sabine's family knows their lives are in peril. This interesting piece of historical fiction would make a good addition to a unit on conflict, war, corruption, and other like subjects in history classes.

Listened to this.

This is one of the Odyssey Honor Award winning audios for 2009. The first book in this series was also an Odyssey honor winner from last year. Once again, Katie Kelgren b rings her considerable narrative talents to the continuing saga of Jacky Faber, now off ship and on land at a finishing school. Things do not go well for Jacky who ultimately ends up arrested for showing her knee while dancing and playing her tin whistle. Kelgren sings beautifully in addition to bringing to life the likes of a New Orleans born madame, a drunken Irishman, and an assortment of snotty boarding school girls. This made the 8 hour trip back from the RGV fly quickly.
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