professornana (professornana) wrote,

hurray, I have internet access again

Spent the first part of this week traveling from Denver to Dallas and back to Houston. Unfortunately, internet access was non existent where I was staying so, even though I read a few books, I did not have a chance to update the blog. So, here it is now, a little late but just as heartfelt. I read Deb Caletti's new book, WILD ROSES first. Here, this talented new author (her HONEY BABY SWEETHEART WAS A nba FINALIST LAST YEAR), takes us into the life of the creative genius. Cassie is 19, an amateur astronomer. She lives with her mother and mom's new husband, gifted violinist Dino Cavali. Dino has a new music student, and even though she knows better, Cassie is smitten with him. Cassie and Ian fall quickly into the bloom of new love though music often interferes in the form of Dino, the belligerent and demanding, and sometimes from the pressure on Ian to complete rehearsal for his audition into music school. The novel explores creativity, genius, madness, love, family and so much more. It should appeal to a wide range of readers.
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