professornana (professornana) wrote,

Home again, for a few days

The rain is falling outside, soon to turn to sleet if the temps keep dropping. I had a wonderful afternoon, one that proves that teaching is an act of faith. I served today on the dissertation committee of a young man who was one of my 8th graders many years ago in another incarnation. Shawn Bird, now Dr. Bird, defended his dissertation today much to my delight. How proud am I?

Even though I put more than 1000 miles on the car in the past 4 days, I still found time to read. I finished FAIRY DUST AND THE QUEST FOR THE EGG by Gail Carson Levine. Though this one seems to be for a younger audience, it tells of the birth of a fairy who lands with a thud on Neverland and searches for her special talent. Tinkerbell hopes the new fairy will be skilled in mending pots, but that is not to be. However, when an errant hurricane damages the island of Neverland and breaks the egg of Mother Dove, the new fairy might just discover how she can save the fairies and their future. Levine is skilled in the genre of traditional literature and uses the motifs and archetypes ably in her variations on some familiar themes.

M OR F? was another interesting read. I generally picked up the book because of the enticing question posed in the title and the cover as well. Two narrators, one male and one female, talk about the pits and perils of a new relationship. Marcus helps Frannie (M and F) flirt with a boy she finds attractive in an online chat room. Marcus and Frannie are "brain twins" after all and can finish each other's sentences, so why should they not help one another find love and happiness? Insanity and confusion reigns as Marcus and Frannie try to decide whether Frannie's new love interest is gay or straight and, therefore, more attracted to M or F??? The dual narrators works well here, and the book is an interesting look at how communication, especially online communication, can lead to lots of misunderstanding.

I am finishing up Richard Peck's PAST PERFECT, FUTURE TENSE and enjoying the return to some of Peck's short stories, especially my all-time favorite PRISCILLA AND THE WIMPS. Next up is the graphic novel formatted MACBETH. Will wonders never cease?
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