professornana (professornana) wrote,

The Fold

When Joyce Park's Aunt Gomo hits the lottery, she offers each member of the family a gift. For Joyce's brother it is shark liver pills to help him grow. Joyce is offered the chance to get her eyelid surgery. Maybe, she things, this will be the way to finally get the attention of the handsome John Kang. An Na explores issues of beauty and self-image along with the typical teen angst about appearances. Joyce, like many other teens (and not all of them Asian-American, either), wants a quick fix, some miraculous way to make herself instantly gorgeous. What she learns is that quick fixes are sometimes temporary. Na tackles the issues with gentle good humor. The cosmetic surgery obsessed Aunt Gomo is nicknamed Michael by Joyce and her brother Andy. Joyce's best friend, Gina, does a laugh-inducing impression of the grade B Godzilla movies. Some might think this novel is lightweight. I prefer to think of it as airy: it treats several delicate topics without once plunging into dark voids. The teens who are the focus of this story are all still growing and changing and becoming. There is more of their story still ahead. However, they seem to be on excellent footing thanks to family and friends.
Tags: an na, asian characters, ya books

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