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a picture is worth...

Spent this morning alternating between book revisions and income tax forms. Not sure which one was more difficult. Now, I am taking a book break. So, continuing on from yesterday, here are some new picture books, all from Simon and Schuster, 2009.

All the other birds have eggs except for duck. Duck finds a wonderful egg that the other birds mock. One by one the eggs hatch. Only duck's egg remained unhatched until... The book, gentle colors on creamy paper is not nearly as quiet as the simple text and soft colors would suggest.

Four brightly colored dust bunnies take pride in their ability to rhyme. However, Bob does not seem to be catching on the the rhyme scheme. Perhaps, though, Bob knows more than the others. Great good fun.

I am not much of a fan of celeb books, but most folks will not recognize the name Michael Ian Black unless, like me, they love the VH=1 series like I LOVE THE 70S and enjoy his snarky humor. Various animals pile one atop the other. Chicken cheeks, moose, caboose, flamingo fanny, and so on. Visually, there is much more going on in the story, of course. Lots of language play that will delight readers of many ages.
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