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more fun with pictures

Now the sun is shining. UPS just brought me 3 more boxes (all small, thank goodness) as they must have known I had opened the last ones that accumulated in my absence from the office. So, some final picture books before turning my attention back to clearing my desk

Marigold loves her purple coat. It does not matter that she has outgrown it; it is still her favorite, and she is loyal even to coats. Her best friend Maxine is a bit put out with Marigold, but things will end happily, of course. Love Marigold's unique appearance and demeanor. Schwartz and Wade, 2009.

Kevin Henkes and his wife team in this simply elegant picture book that celebrates the wonder of birds. Greenwillow, 2009.

In the tradition of FIVE LITTLE MONKEYS PLAYING ON THE BED, here is a story of 5 wombats who are being hunted by a dingo. And then there were 4 and then 3 and then just 2 wombats left to find their friends and rescue them. Gentle colors make the dingo seem a bit less threatening. Dutton, 2009.
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