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18 February 2009 @ 10:29 am
I am at the office and that means....  
1) it is raining
2) I am catching up on some picture book reading

So how cute is the cover? Seriously, cute, right? End papers look like fur. Photographs show dogs in various poses including standing on ice skates, driving a car, and rowing a boat. Poetic forms range from haiku to limerick to free verse. Random House, 2009.

Gilbert and Sullivan battled over what would make for an interesting and appropriate opera. Turns out THE MIKADO is the one that suits both of them. They went on to write 14 operettas and continued to feud as well. Scholastic, 2009.

Margie Palatini is back with the tale of a fairy whose wand is just about all used up. The tooth fairy, Edith B. Cuspid, comes up with a stupendous idea. Orchard Books, 2009.
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