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one more book for the weekend

Since I have spent about 8 hours in the car so far this weekend, I have had the chance to complete the reading of an audiobook. REBEL ANGELS by Libba Bray is the sequel to A GREAT AND TERRIBLE BEAUTY. If you do not know this first book, rush out now and read this exotic blend of Gothic/Victorian thriller with huge chunks of mystery and fantasy thrown in for good measure. Gemma, Felicity, and Ann return in the sequel to search the Realms for the mysterious temple where Gemma is to bind the magic. Once in the Realms, they meet their old friend Pippa, one of the other girls from Spence Academy, the boarding school where Gemma met Ann and Felicity as well. Pippa was left behind in the Realms when she consumed food (sort of like eating in the Underworld)and is quite possibly corrupted and not to be trusted. The three girls travel through the Realms in search of the source of magic. Of course, Gemma has a life outside of this magic world as well, and it is quite complicated to juggle her new beau, Simon, her father's opium addiction, Tom's feeling of impotence that he cannot cure his own father, as well as the threats from the Realms and the Rakshana, a group who wants the magic for themselves. The book survives the curse of the sequel and lures readers once more into the turn of the century London world in which Gemma and her friends live. There are plenty of indications to the careful reader (listener, too) that there might just be a third book. I know this reader hopes that is true! For the girls who love Harry Potter, this might be a book to recommend while they wait not so patiently for Book # 7.
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