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there be dragons here

This stand-alone sequel to DRAGON SLIPPERS follows the adventures of a dress maker, Creel, and Luka, the prince of the city of Feravel. Luka hears about the threat of an attack on his country, an attack led by dragons. As Creel and Luke investigate, they find a vicious ruler who has enslaved hundreds of dragons and trained them for destruction. It is time for the King of the Dragons, Shardas, to enter into battle despite his weakened condition. If Shardas loses, the dragons and humans may be forever enslaved. Fans of Patricia Wrede and other fantasy authors will find much to admire here. Details are almost narcotic; Creel and her sidekick Marta are strong characters who are willing (most of the time) to take risks for those they love.

The wind is gusting here in the Big Apple and throwing trees around and chilling off the temps which were in the 60s yesterday. I am loathe to walk these chilly streets right now. Perhaps some more reading????
Tags: dragons, fantasy
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