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Peppers, anyone?

Looking for some spice to add to your reading life? Need a good laugh? Want to make people nervous when they sit next to you on the plane? Then grab hold of this one when it debuts this Spring from Tor.

I am already a fan of the other story collections from the slightly demented mind of our own LJer, David Lubar. Crazy, weird, bizarre: you name it and it is here. I really did make the woman next to me on the plane cringe away a tad when she saw me chortling over the book as we were coming in for a very bumpy landing (and I bet David could come up with a story just about that). Perfect for reading aloud to kids, perfect for reluctant readers, just perfect period. I already dogeared a few to read aloud to some librarians next week. Thanks, David, for bringing back the weenies for another run.
Tags: lubar, stories, weenies
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