professornana (professornana) wrote,

boys are dogs

Annabelle is beginning middle school in a brand new school. She and her mother have moved 30 miles from their old neighborhood since Mom is moving in with her boyfriend who Annabelle calls Dweeble. The first day of school is a disaster; Annabelle is late for class and is misdirected by another students when she gets lost. Before too long, her name is not Annabelle but Spazabelle and then just Spazz. One boy kicks the back of her seat all during English class. Another snatches work out of her hands. What can she do? Her book about training the new puppy in her life just might have the answer. After all, boys are dogs. Why, then, should Annabelle not use some of the same techniques to bring unruly boys into line?

Listening to this audio from Brilliance brought back some memories of the years I worked with this age group. The author is spot on in her observations and the narrator absolutely gets the cadence and inflection of tween speak perfectly. This audio made the trip back from San Antonio fly by.
Tags: audio, humor, tween books
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