professornana (professornana) wrote,

a most excellent book

I did not see this book discussed much this last year, and that amazes me. I picked it up last night and read it until I turned the final page. Three teens write about their most excellent year for an English assignment. Augie, T.C., and Ale write about their junior year, a year filled with high school musicals (no, not the Disney kind), of changing perceptions of friends and family, and Mary Poppins. How does practically perfect Poppins figure into this story? The same way that disgraced baseball players, the Clintons, Fenway Park, and so many disparate elements come together to create a memorable reading experience. Snippets from the compositions, IMs, texts, and other forms of communication help to move the story ever forward. Moments of pure joy and true grief seem to occur nearly simultaneously. Some lines are laugh out loud. Other passages will cause welling of tears. A paperback edition is due out from SPEAK imprint this year. Grab yourself a copy. You will fall in love with Augie and his "brother" T.C. and Ale and Andy and all the rest of the cast of characters.
Tags: basebal, mary poppins, ya books
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