professornana (professornana) wrote,

San Antonio

I spent the day with 23 people who want to be librarians. Twenty of them are brand new to the LS program and live here in San Antonio (what an awful place to have to come to teach, grin) and 3 drove in to take the class from other locales for a variety of reasons. In any event, it is energizing to be with a group all day that is engaged, asking questions, and writing furiously. They stayed 90 minutes after class to work out some assignments and to ask questions. Instead of being exhausted, I am renewed in my conviction that teachers still love books and sharing books with students. These are the ones that will make the most wonderful librarians, too.

I showed them CHAINS, THE UNDERNEATH, THE SURRENDER TREE, SAVVY, NATION, THE GRAVEYARD BOOK, and tons more. We spent time after lunch reading Caldecott and CSKing winners. They all left in search of a bookstore.

So, I did not get the chance to read much today though I will pick up a book shortly and read as long as they eyes hold out. Did I mention that I love my job?????????

Kudos to our own thunderchikin to noting a reference to the music note at the end of yesterday's post. ZZ Top rules!
Tags: teaching and books
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