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AFTER TUPAC AND D FOSTER (Putnam, 2008) was a Newbery Honor Medal just a few days ago. I must admit that I had the ARC and just did not ever get to it before the announcements. I grabbed it from the exact place on the shelf I could envision as the award was announced and took it home to read this week. Of course, I knew going in that it would be a wonderful read. I actually knew that before it was announced as a winner since I adore Woodson's ability to tell a story that is simple yet lyrical at the same time. This book is no exception. D enters into the lives of Neeka and her best friend out of the blue so to speak. She remains a relative mystery despite the fact that the three girls grow close over the couple of year between their eleventh and thirteenth birthdays. They call themselves THREE THE HARD WAY. D is a foster child whose mother eventually reenters her life. She is not the only one facing changes. Bodies change; families change; time shifts and circumstances change, too. And perhaps that is what is at the core of this quietly moving novel: change comes, sometimes welcome and sometimes dreaded. But come it does. however, change does not always mean an ending; sometimes it is an opportunity. The book is one of those that would just blossom under repeated readings if only the stack next to me were not towering over me and silently mocking me.

I did manage to spend most of the day thus far in revisions on the book. Still a long way to go, but I found such power in the comments today that I truly began to see this whole thing with new eyes, a re-vision. That means, generally, that I will find my way through the comments and that the book will be that much stronger as it goes back for another pass.

I also found out today that I will once again be a final round judge for the Audies!!! Hurrah! More audio.
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