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history comes alive

At 15, Ruby has had to drop put of school and get a job to help her family financially. Her mother can no longer work due to crippling arthritis. Dad is dead, and the family faces dire straits. But the job in the factory is back-breaking at best. One night, someone tells Ruby she can make better money by working as a dancer for pay. TEN CENTS A DANCE (Bloomsbury, 2008) takes readers back to the time when men would line up in dance clubs and buy tickets to dance with pretty girls. Of course, there is a price for Ruby to pay as well. The men with whom she dances sometimes expect more than a simple turn around the dance floor. Ruby is happy to be making money and helping the family survive. However, there are some rules she is not quick enough to learn. Christine Fletcher creates a wonderfully rich character in Ruby and in some of her fellow dancers. Her setting comes alive through Ruby's eyes and ears.
Tags: historical fiction
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