professornana (professornana) wrote,

perfect day for reading

No matter how I try, there are always more books added to my stacks. They seem to keep growing. However, on a day like today, it is possible to work through some of the backlog. Scout and Rocky are napping; hubby is communing on the back patio with a good book and a great cigar. The bed has just enough sun to warm my feet. Birds are chirping outside on the first warm day we have had in a week or so. And so, I read.

Winner of the Pura Belpre Award, this novel is verse follows a nurse named Rosa through all the years of Cuban struggle for freedom. First, it is the slaves seeking freedom from their masters. Later, it is the Cubans seeking freedom from Spain. Always, there is a need to run and hide and escape. And a need for those who can heal. Based on people who worked during the turmoil, the poems that frame the story are spare and eloquent in their simplicity. In a poem at the conclusion of the opening section are these two haunting lines:

"Hatred must be
a hard thing to learn."

Tags: novel in verse, pura belpre winner
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