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Well, how proud am I? Cali, my 19 year old granddaughter, and I headed off the polls as soon as they opened this morning. I got to stand in line and watch her cast her first vote--how cool. Then she headed back to bed and I came up to the office to prepare for this weekend's festivities.

Our annual book festival is Saturday and we have Mem Fox, Sharon Draper, Sonya Sones, and Pam Munoz Ryan coming to speak to attendees. Loads of work to be done still, but the pay off is a day of listening to these 4 incredibly talented writers speak with passion about books and reading. I wish all of you could be here for this treat.

I know I will not have much time this week for reading, but I am listening to Cornelia Funke's DRAGON RIDER in the car during commuting time. I am amazed at how deft she is in so many ways. Her stories are all quite unique; they pull readers into the story in different ways as well. Brendan Fraser is the reader on the audio and I have mixed feelings about his "performance." I vacillate between adoring his sound effects and then getting annoyed that he is doing too much that it detracts from the story "flow."

Listened to LYRA'S OXFORD earlier in the week and adored having another episode in the life of that vibrant Lyra. Also listened to the first Hank Zipser book, NIAGARA FALLS OR DOES IT, read by the co-author Henry Winkler. It was a nice change of pace from the usual fare I have listened to in the past few weeks.

I am off to deal with conference odds and ends. Happy reading!
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