professornana (professornana) wrote,

a rose by any other name

Mimi Wallingford is last in the line of a long history of famous actors. The theater in which she is currently starring as Juliet is named after her grandmother. Mimi, though, aspires to be a doctor and not an actress. After all, acting makes her physically sick. And then there is the guy playing Romeo opposite her: Troy Summer, heartthrob to mobs of girls who come to shriek as he walks out onto the stage. One night, as Mimi is trying desperately to escape her future, she flees only to find herself on unfamiliar streets, the streets of Verona.

This fantasy-romance will give readers a good overview of the Shakespearean play, of life in Verona at the time, and the life of someone doing what she basically abhors. Add it to ROMIETTE AND JULIO and IF YOU COME SOFTLY and other books that cover the territory of the play but in much more accessible language and with contemporary characters.
Tags: romeo and juliet, ya
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