professornana (professornana) wrote,

love is in the air

Valentine's goodies are already out in the stores, so it should be no surprise that Valentine Day books are arriving in the mail. Here are 2 of my favorites thus far, both from HarperCollins (2009).

The combination of simple text and almost surreal pictures is pitch perfect for this book about those of us who constantly need reassurance about love. After this, kids might like MAMA DO YOU LOVE ME? as a follow up book. And, of course, the best book ever on unconditional love: WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE.

Splat is apprehensive as Valentine's Day dawns. The love of his life, Kitten, always pulls his ears, pokes him in the tummy, ties a knot in his tail and calls him smelly before dashing off. How can he hope to win her heart? The illustrations of Splat and Kitten are larger than life and crazily (and perfectly) out of proportion. They also exude fuzziness, so much so that, as a reader, I want to reach into the book and cuddle them both. Touches of color adorn the otherwise black and white and shades of gray matching Splat's rather forlorn mood.
Tags: love, picture books, valentine's day
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