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trying to fathom it all

Yesterday, two leaders of ALA, specifically, ALSC were killed on their way to the airport when their taxi was hit by a drunk driver. The news is devastating coming so soon after the celebrations of Monday's award winners. ALSC has posted the news at their blog and comments are already pouring in. (

On a lighter note, here are a couple of new picture books. The first one of many I am sure about Barack Obama is a tribute to the President and quite different from the one done by Bryan Collier before the election. I do like the illustrations that make Obama larger than life (and almost as large as the Lincoln Memorial). There is no attempt here to be "fair and balanced," Obama is viewed already through an historic lens as someone who will change things for the better.

Since Obama has read a great deal of Lincoln recently, I thought pairing up GETTYSBURG: THE GRAPHIC NOVEL would be interesting. The first third or so of the book leads up to the unforgettable address. Black and white illustrations show the scars of the war and, in particular the Battle of Gettysburg and provide a somber mood for this book.

Tags: barack obama, gn, picture books
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