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one final treat from ALA

Last night I had made plans to have dinner with Ty, a coordinator for a large district south of Houston and a good friend. Ty called and let me know there would be 5 of us at dinner, Floyd Dickman, the quintessential gentleman and scholar was one guest. Jason from Abrams/Amulet was our host and he arranged for a local author to join us. When Ty and I asked what he had written, it turned out we knew his books well. Tucker Shaw, author of FLAVOR OF THE WEEK and CONFESSIONS OF A BACK UP DANCER, rounded out our party. We ate fabulous Italian food and our conversation went in all sorts of interesting directions. So, I am packed and ready to leave the hotel shortly to go line up at the airport. With any luck I will be home this afternoon. I will not miss the snow and slush and ice at all.

Tags: ala, denver, tucker shaw

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