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I Love Aubrey

From Wendy Lamb Books (2009) comes this debut novel, LOVE, AUBREY. As Tracy and Adrienne handed it to me they warned about the Kleenex Quotient (that would be how many hankies I would need to get through the story). It is an incredibly moving book, not sad per se, but touching and poignant. Aubrey has lost her father and younger sister in a car accident. Now, her mother, too, is gone: she left without telling Aubrey anything, and Aubrey has been trying to somehow survive on her own. Gram shows up and takes Aubrey to her home. At first, Aubrey is angry. She does not want to leave home. What is Mom comes back and Aubrey is gone? Before too long, though, Aubrey resigns herself to her new situation. At least she is making friends and beginning to feel safe. But will Mom ever come back? Will she ever be able to be the mother Aubrey needs?

As a grandmother trying to rear children (well, teens now), I immediately empathized with Gram. However, it is not too long before I can feel Aubrey's pain as well. I do not think it matters one iota, though. Because all the characters are ones I care deeply about by the end of this remarkable novel perfect for tweens and young teens.

And here is what it looked like as we passed the convention center for the last time this morning:

Tags: snow, wendy lamb books
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