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other ALA happenings

So now that we are almost done with our squee-ing over the awards (well, maybe a last one for Laurie Halse Anderson and Kathi Appelt in particular), and I can almost feel my toes again after walking back to the hotel from lunch and then over to the FedEx office to ship ARCs home, I thought I might offer some other tidbits from the conference.

Last night the charming folks of Listening Library took the Odyssey Committee from last year (Best. Committee. Ever.) to dinner. It was as if we had never been apart. Rowdy, sometimes raucous but always coming back to audio, we dished for hours while enjoying some terrific food. Ask Francisca Goldsmith to tell you the story of the FBI and her fingerprints should your paths ever cross. Oh, and be certain to mention "Bob" (complete with the air quotes). Mary Burkey (audiobooker, the best blog on audio. Ever.) showed photos of her new granddaughter. Connie Rockman had photos of the most adorable grandson I have ever seen. I, of course, passed the photo of the newly graduated Cali around, too. We talked about our favorite audiobooks from the past year and, lo and behold, many of them were mentioned this morning when the 2009 Odyssey Committee made its winners public).

The VOYA Board meeting was after the press conference. We met with the applicants for the editor's position and then proceeded to Maggiano's for baked ziti (yum) and then back out in the snow and slush. Dinner tonight with a friend from Houston and then home tomorrow (if the weather cooperates). I have 3 books left for the flight since I did not want to carry any more weight in the backpack than necessary.

I used the department's Eee Book while here (thanks, Holly, for letting me borrow it) and loved having something so compact and lightweight when I was trudging from place to place.

For now, I plan to sit and sip my coffee and try to get warm again as the snow flurries continue to fall outside.
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