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One of my favorite movies from some years ago was THE NEVER ENDING STORY. In many ways, POISON mirrors this story within a story format. Poison leaves her home in the marshes to search for her sister Azalea who has been abducted by faeries. Along her journey she is joined by Bram and Peppercorn who help her navigate the treacheries of the various realms she must pass through to reach her sister. Once she arrives at her destination, Poison learns that the Hierophant has been writing the tale of her adventures. How will it end? Poison will assume the cloak of the Hierophant and save the realms or will she deny her future and bring the realms to an end? Grand adventures and creatures lurk in the realms through which Poison travels, making this an action adventure fantasy. Poison is a reluctant heroine and her traveling companions are not inclined to offer their own lives either. The story has some nice twists and turns. Altogether, a pleasant read though I am not certain of its future as a QP nominee.

I am now in the middle of REBEL ANGELS, the sequel to A GREAT AND TERRIBLE BEAUTY.
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