professornana (professornana) wrote,

dead, again

From our own LJer Marlene Perez, here is the second book in a trilogy that began with DEAD IS THE NEW BLACK. Now we have DEAD IS A STATE OF MIND (Graphia, 2009). Daisy is back and now her romance with Ryan seems to be on track. Then, two new students enter Nightshade High. The foreign born Duke Sherrad is handsome and somewhat of an enigma. He reads palms and tea leaves and makes some predictions that could portend tragedy for Daisy's sister, Poppy. And then there is Elise, the cool beautiful girl with the yellowish golden eyes who is spending way too much time talking furtively to Ryan. A haunting at the town mortuary and the murder of one of Nightshade High's teachers begin this mystery novel that effortlessly weaves in paranormal events and creature. Perfect for reluctant readers given the short chapters and loads of mystery and action. A jukebox that just might be prescient, a waitress that is more than she appears on the surface: there is more fodder for the 3rd book, DEAD IS SO LAST YEAR (May 2009).
Tags: lj, marlene perez, ya books
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