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After two hours in the exhibits, I thought my shoulder was going to snap from the weight of the ARCs in my bag, so I headed back to the hotel to unload them and begin reading. It is lovely to have a break at this conference to put up my feet and read and look out at the mountains. So, I tackled the F&Gs from Hyperion's dinner last night.

Who better than E.B. Lewis to illustrate Langston Hughes' THE NEGRO SPEAKS OF RIVERS (Hyperion, 2009)? Each double page spread contains one line from the poem with incredible paintings by Lewis. Golden sun colors the river, old feet stand in a cracked and dry riverbed, and children frolic in the ancient Euphrates River. This is a brilliant conceptualization of the words of one of America's best wordsmiths. Imagine being able to introduce even younger readers to the writing of Langston Hughes?

SPOON (Hyperion, 2009) comes from a long line and large family of, well, spoons. There is his Aunt who is rather a fancy spoon, silver of course. However, Spoon is dissatisfied with his life and envious of his friends Knife and Fork and Chopsticks. Little does he imagine that they are envious of what Spoon is able to do. Who would have ever thought silverware could take center stage in a book for children?

BILLY TWITTERS AND HIS BLUE WHALE PROBLEM (Hyperion, 2009) presents readers with an unusual problem. How does one cope with having a blue whale that must be washed and waxed and fed? Billy Twitters does come up with an ingenious solution, of course. Incredible illustrations by Adam Rex 9FRANKENSTEIN TAKES THE CAKE) add to the hilarity of the situation and the enormity of the problem facing Billy.
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