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a picture is worth a thousand words

The dinner with the folks from Hyperion was wonderful last night. The highlight was, of course, the sneak peek at forthcoming books. Here are two picture books set to debut this year.

Lane Smith gives us two great new characters in THE BIG ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM. The donkeys, long of face, tall of ear, and fabulous in dress are having a conversation about the big elephant in the room. Was the incident the time one peed in the pool (a lot) or the time the other had to ride te baby bike instead of the cool bike? On and on the discussion rages. The end of course, provides the true meaning of the elephant in the room. Smith can draw characters that are individual and distinct with simple lines and small changes in the shape of the eyes and the mouth. Young readers will love these two guys and beg for me.

Zany poems join brilliantly bold illustrations in this poetry collection about food and eating. In a darkly funny homage to GOODNIGHT MOON Robert Weinstock places a praying mantis mother and son. She recounts eating her husband as the boy is tucked safely into his bed. Toast, brussel sprouts, beets, and other food prance along the pages extending the humor of the short and humorous poems.
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