professornana (professornana) wrote,

ALA update

Day 1 was spent mostly sitting in on interviews for openings in our department. Picked up my credentials and headed back to the hotel for a brief respite before evening functions. Yesterday, it was in the 60s here. Tonight it was 24 as I walked from my hotel to the Brown Palace for a lovely reception courtesy of Holiday House (thanks Terry Borzumato-Greenberg) and then dinner with Hyperion for their annual peek at the forthcoming books. Celebs spotted: Walter Mayes (without his red hair!!!), Bonnie Kunzel, Monica Edinger, Ed Sullivan, Pam Spencer Holley, Joni Bodart, and many others.

Tomorrow is a relatively easy day. Early up for meeting with the rest of the Printz 2010 Committee. Exhibits. Dinner with Rosemary Chance. The air is rarefied here with all these wonderful champions of books all gathered in one place. Love MidWinter. Saw some of my Odyssey sisters, too. Hi, Jerene, Merri, Sue Ellen. We have our reunion dinner Sunday evening.

Now, it is off to bed without a book. Need sleep. Need oxygen. Need warmer socks!
Tags: ala midwinter
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