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alas, no covers

WELL DEFINED is a poetry collection that defines SAT-type words (that is what we are calling them at the house since the 16 year old resident of the back bedroom is preparing to take the PSAT even though she took the SAT as a 7th grader already and scored fairly well). From AGGREGATE to WISTFUL and INSIDIOUS to UNCTUOUS, the poems define the words in the first couple of lines and then go on to provide lovely images to go along with the word and its meaning. What a fun way to teach new words! (Michael Salinger, Wordsong, 2009)

VOYAGES: REMINISCENCES OF YOUNG ABE LINCOLN seemed particularly appropriate on this historic day given Obama's interest in our 16th President. Neil Waldman uses some of Lincoln's words and some of his own to describe Lincoln's literal and figurative journeys toward Emancipation of the slaves. Lincoln's words are set off in a different color and font so the reader will be able to distinguish clearly between the two sets of words. Simple. Evocative. Perfect for today. (Calkins Creek, 2009)

ETA: Here is the cover of WELL DEFINED that ended up in my email because the lovely and talented Sara Holbrook sent her own email to the author/poet Michael Salinger who then sent me the JPEG. Nice to have friends, huh?
Tags: lincoln, obama, poetry
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