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reading with my ears again

I love listening to Neil Gaiman narrate his own books. There is almost an instant intimacy, a strong connection between listener and narrator. And I adore CORALINE in all of its incarnations. I read the novel, the graphic novel, now the audio and soon the movie. Can't get enough of this wonderfully creepy story. Gaiman narrates almost dead pan in places, and this raises the "ick" factor nicely (black button eyes, doughy disintegration). If any of you have not experienced CORALINE in one format, rush out now and get the format of your choice. I just hope the movie lives up to Gaiman's creation. I feel pretty good about this going in as it is in Tim Burton's capable hands.

I started another audio and hope to finish it off this week before heading off to Denver and ALA. For now, I am content to sit here and let Scout tell me how much he missed me.
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