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Flying free and easy

So, the first good omen was being upgraded to first class for the flight back from NCTE to Houston. Somehow I manage to read more when I am relaxed. I read KILLING BRITNEY one of the QP nominated books. Nice little psychodrama book though I knew who was killing all the people almost at the outset of the book. However, there were a few nifty twists to an otherwise predictable story. Britney, already in mourning from the loss of her mother in a boating accident, now loses her boyfriend to a supposedly drunk driver. It is not long before 3 others die and, of course, poor Britney insists that she is the actual target.

Finished KB about halfway through the flight and ducked into VALIANT and was immediately sucked into this world of faerie and trolls and other beings living in NYC. I rather like Val and her determination to reset her life after she discovers that her mother has stolen her boyfriend (yuck). Val departs for the city and ends up hanging out with some street kids who lead her underground in the subway station. There are the usual odd assortment of characters and supernatural beings, but that is the extent of the predictability of this modern faerie tale.

Now I am trying to come to terms with time changes, long days at the conference, and lack of sleep. Will post more once I complete VALIANT.

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