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on the road once again

The drive from home to Mc Allen in the Rio Grande Valley was rather uneventful. I did pass a pick up that had a dead goat in the back. Guess cabrito is on the menu somewhere tonight. I was sort of a Stephen King moment for me. I do not think I have ever seen a goat in the back of a truck (alive or dead). Newly minted college grad called me when I was about 30 minutes outside of McAllen to tell me she is now newly employed as well as graduated. Cali had several interviews with this company, so this was not a total surprise. However, we are thrilled and so is she that she now has a real job (and a really nice salary to go with it) that will include teaching folks how to use software and also blogging for the company. Ah, the acorn does not fall far from the tree....

I listened to this on the drive down:

This companion to THE SCHWA WAS HERE by Neal Shusterman (Dutton, 2008) is read by the author. Shusterman does a terrific job bringing Antsy (Anthony) and Gunnar (Umlaut is his last name) and all of the various quirky characters to life in the audio. When Antsy learns that Gunnar is dying of a rare disease, he tells Gunnar that he (Antsy) will give Gunnar a month of his own (Antsy's) life. Before long, others are chiming in with donations. The goal: to give Gunnar another 50 years so he can live to a ripe old age (well, 65, at least). Of course, there are complications. Antsy falls in love/lust with Gunnar's older sister; Aunt Mona (aptly named) comes for a visit full of her usual complaints (and I swear I know several folks who are just like her). The restaurant Antsy's parents run (Paris, Capice: a fusion of French and Italian food) control so much of the family's time and efforts. And there is more, much more, in this hilarious and touching story that twists and turns unexpectedly.

Time flew as I fell into this story. I have two more audios for the drive back home and am already looking forward to CORALINE as read b y Neil Gaiman. Should be yummy.

For now, I return to the old fashioned form of story: an actual book! I want to finish it this weekend, too. Tomorrow dawns early and class runs most of the day. But an entire day to talk about YA lit to a captive audience....priceless.
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