professornana (professornana) wrote,

grace under fire

Nominated for the inaugural Morris Award, GRACELING, (Harcourt, 2008) is part fantasy, part adventure, part mystery. Katsa has a Grace, a special ability or gift that sets her apart from others. You can tell who has a Grace as they have eyes that are two different colors. Katsa's ability to fight and defeat even the strongest opponent has made her valuable to King Randa. She is, however, tired of being his bully-in-residence, of obeying his orders blindly. When she meets Po, anther Grace from another kingdom, the two lives are forever changed. Lush detail, loads of action, and a blossoming romance make this debut novel by Kristin Cashore remarkable. Katsa is an indomitable heroine; Po is certainly a worthy match. But if readers are expecting a traditional romance or adventure or fantasy, they will be surprised by the twists and turns taken by the narrative (rather like the mountain passes Katsa must navigate to save Princess Bitterblue).

Tags: fantasy, morris award
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