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free reading!

Passing this along for those who might be interested. You can see my blog about DOPE SICK here on the blog, too.

Dear Goddess,

Would you share this with your readers:

In Dope Sick, Walter Dean Myers breaks new ground and stretches the boundaries of realism to bring forth a tale of second chances, redemption, and the promise of hope. Beginning January 14, the first quarter of Myers’ new title will be exclusively available for download at ( You’ll also get to hear directly from the author about his work, have opportunities for students to interact and ask him questions, as well as find writing activities and suggestions for related activities and links of interest. Coinciding with Dope Sick’s February 10 publication date, the entire book will be available online for free reading.

Knowing the power books hold and in an effort to reach at-risk teens before they make a life-altering choice, Walter Dean Myers has made this unprecedented and generous opportunity available to to reach teachers, parents, mentors and anyone who can help positively influence the choices young people make.



Rachael Walker

Partner Relations,

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