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revenge is sweet

RAPUNZEL'S REVENGE (Bloomsbury, 2008) by Shannon Hale is a wonderfully warm, witty, and totally original retelling of the fairy tale in large GN format. Rapunzel manages to escape from her tower and from her "mother" once she learns the true story of her birth. Soon, she has teamed up with an outlaw named Jack (who carries a goose and has a magic bean: sound familiar?). Jack and Punzie (as he calls her) team up for some rollicking adventures helping out those who have been downtrodden by Mother Gothel. Rapunzel is handy with her long hair woven into braids that function more like Indiana Jones' whip. Before long, she and Jack have worked their way back to Mother Gothel's castle for the final show down. Illustrations play a huge role here in bringing to life Jack and Gothel and Punzie and all the others in this cast of characters. Several fairy tales intersect and overlap and make for even more humor as Jack waits for his pet goose to lay an egg. Perfect for teaching young readers about fairy tales, retellings, motifs, archetypes, and even better to provide some excellent reading material for them as well.
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