professornana (professornana) wrote,

useful inventions?

101 THINGS YOU WISH YOU'D INVENTED (AND SOME YOU WISH NO ONE HAD) from Walker, 2008 is a nifty field-guide book that one is supposed to carry along and then check off the inventions as they are encountered. I opted to simply thumb through the contents and then will hand it over to Natalie (the newly aged 16 year old resident of the back bedroom) as she will love carrying this along and checking off the inventions (I think. Since she turned 16, she is trying on a new persona. We are not certain if we like it 100% and she is not either).

Part of the appeal is the trivia such as this: a typical pencil will write more than 45,000 words in its lifetime. It can also inscribe a line 35 miles long on one lead.A "chindogu" is the Japanese form of a Rube Goldberg. And then there are the instructions for making your own thermometer and compass. Lots of fun between the pages. I did not even mind the small print. Great resource for cocktail party conversation starters: "Say do you know when World Toilet Day is celebrated?"
Tags: inventions, nonfiction, trivia
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