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We are in the throes of spring like weather right now. We went from heat to turning on all the ceiling fans and opening up the doors to let the outdoors in a bit. Scout loves it; he sits at the door with his nose pressed against the screens. When he is not sleeping, that is.

Had some time this afternoon to read, SOMETHING TO BLOG ABOUT (Amulet/Abrams, 2008). When Libby decides to keep an online journal, she is careful to lock it so that no one else can read it. Into the blog, she pours out her feelings of love (for the very dreamy Seth) and loathing (for her nemesis, Angel) and frustration (for her mother who is dating Angel's father). Of course, Angel manages to get into Libby's blog and all sorts of complications occur. However, in this gently funny romance, all will work out, right?

The combination of blog pages, IM pages and traditional text will definitely appeal to contemporary readers. Most females will identify with Libby and her fairly typical adolecsent angst. Short chapters make this a good option for reluctant female readers, too.
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