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chilling read

Today seemed the perfect day to curl up with a book. Rainy and cold, I took to a cozy bed with cats and my feet (and not fighting for once since they were warm) with the new book from Graham McNamee. ACCELERATION continues to be one of my favorite books and a terrific book to include in any booktalk as well, so a new book from this talented author is always welcome.

BONECHILLER (Wendy Lamb Books, 2008) is a rollicking roller coaster thriller perfect for a cold day. Danny lives in Harvest Cove, a town too small to appear on the Canadian map. The winters can be killers, literally. And that is the case in this small town where Danny and his friend Howie are both attacked by some sort of creature that should not, could not really exist outside of nightmares. Each is bitten by this monstrosity. The bite begins to change them. Cold does not bother them; both prefer the cold outside and find heat too stifling. And then there are the nightmares...

This is a dandy page turner, a perfect book for reluctant readers, especially boys (though there is a marvelous female character named Ash girls will love to meet). Great cover, great read.
Tags: monsters, mysteries, ya books
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